In therapy, there really are no stupid questions.

Do I need therapy?

Therapy is beneficial for many different people in lots of different situations. You may be experiencing a crisis of circumstances (like a death or divorce) or of mental health (overwhelming depression or anxiety). Or you might just be feeling generally stressed out and unhappy.

Therapy helps you sort out your emotions and behaviors so that you can live a fuller, happier life. Most of us can benefit from some counseling.

What is a session like?

Every session is different, but in general, we'll talk. I'll ask questions, you'll ask questions, we'll discuss what's going on and what could change for the better.

Do you work with children and families?

I don't work with children, or provide family therapy. However, I have some great colleagues I can refer you to.

Do I have to tell you all my deep, dark secrets?

You don't "have" to tell me anything. What you reveal about yourself is your choice alone. However, for therapy to be useful, you'll need to tell me about what brought you to therapy.

How often will we meet?

It's different for every client, but especially at the beginning I recommend weekly sessions.

How many sessions will I have?

That's also different for every client. We'll figure out what's right for you together. Rest assured, for most people therapy is a temporary thing--I don't expect you to be in counseling forever.