Healing Path Counseling Rochester MichiganSometimes you're walking along on the journey of life, and then--WHAM!--a great big roadblock gets in your way.

Your partner tells you she's leaving. You feel sad and listless, but you don't know why. Your doctor gives you a diagnosis you didn't expect. You notice you're getting more and more anxious. Your father dies. You're almost ready to come out to your parents, but are worried about their response. Whatever you're experiencing, you feel like you've lost the path, and might be starting to worry you'll never get back on it.

I believe my role as a counselor is to help you get back on your unique path, to work with you to find routes around or through your roadblocks, and to help you leave behind the things that are slowing you down. Working together and using a variety of therapeutic techniques, we can address the issues that are robbing you of your joy, success, and contentment.

An outside perspective on your life can be invaluable. I am first and foremost a good listener. I've been a counselor for a long time-it's pretty hard to shock me, and I'm not here to judge you.

I specialize in helping people with chronic health conditions regain balance and control in their lives. I also enjoy working with people who experience depression and anxiety, or difficulty with transitions.

I don't claim to have the absolute road map for your life--none of us get those--but I can help you start to pencil out a path that works for you.

About Healing Path Counseling

My Counseling Style

I approach therapy with an client-centered integrative mix of therapeutic techniques, with a special emphasis on Humanistic Therapy, Existential Therapy, Wellness Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Rational Motive Behavior Therapy. It all depends on what is best for you.

People I Counsel

I work with teenagers, adults, and elders. I offer therapy for individuals, couples, and groups.

I specialize in helping people with chronic health conditions regain balance and control in their lives.

You're Safe Here

My counseling practice is a safe space. I welcome people across the spectrum of belief, sexuality, gender, politics and viewpoints. I'm easy to talk to and hard to shock, and have no interest in judging you. I'm just here to help you find your way to your best path.


Billing Details

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (traditional and PPO), Magellan, Meridian, and private pay. I accept cash, check and credit card payments. A sliding scale is available for private paying clients.